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2020 Summer Range Access Passes

MTFI Facility


How does the MTFI Summer Range Access Pass work?

  • Buy a pass either onsite or online (You will receive the pass upon arrival at the range.)

  • Listen to the Range Safety Video (which will be emailed to you if you purchase online)

  • Sign a waiver upon arrival at the range

  • Sign in and out each visit

  • Follow the rules, pick up your mess, be safe, have fun!


Number of passes will be limited.

Everyone must receive a range briefing prior to shooting during their first visit to the range.

When is the pass valid? 

July 2nd through September 10th, 2020 Tuesdays and Thursdays as follows:

Tuesday Mornings from 10 – Noon - SHARP 

Thursday Evenings from 5-7pm - SHARP 


Will someone be available to help new shooters? 

There will be one or more Range Safety Officers on site during these hours so that you can safely use the MTFI Pistol Shooting Range to practice your skills. RSO’s are there to help you be safe while shooting, not to give private lessons, but will gladly assist where needed.

How will I set up my targets with multiple shooters coming at various times? 

ALL Targets will be pre-set at the west end berm only as follows: 

2 Steel Targets set @ 12 Yards  

8 Paper Targets (varied distances):  

2 set from table for cased guns @ 5 yards 

2 set @ 5 yards

2 set @ 7yards 

2 set @ 10 Yards 

Due to the open range set up at MTFI, please note that target changes must be done in an orderly fashion so that NO ONE IS DOWN RANGE until the command, RANGE IS CLEAR is called.  Therefore, be prepared to have to wait either on the line until all shooters have completed their string of fire and range commands have been given to change the targets, or you may back off the line to reload your magazines at the loading table at any time.

Depending on the number of shooters and their experience, target distances may be adjusted provided a Range Safety Officer approves it and the firing line remains fixed. 

To safely facilitate multiple shooters, you MUST adhere to the range rules that will be posted at the loading tables. 

How much will the pass cost? 

Cost is $75.00 and allows you to visit the range for up to 20 sessions. Only $3.75 per visit!

Do I need to sign in each visit? 

Yes! An initial waiver must be completed.  Each visit, you must “Sign-In” with your SIGNATURE, DATE, TIME IN, and TIME OUT.  “Sign-In Book” will be on a table at the corner of the building as you enter the range.

Do I have to wear eye and ear protection if I am not shooting? 

Yes! EYE and EAR protection must always be worn while on the range, unless RANGE IS CLEAR is called in between shooters to change out targets, or for any other reason the RSO deems necessary to call CLEAR. Note:  When the command RANGE IS HOT is called, it is YOUR responsibility to have your eye and ear protection on. 

Can I bring pre-loaded magazines to the range? 

Yes! You may bring loaded mags to the range if they are not in your gun.  

Can I load ammunition into magazines while on the firing line?

No! Magazine Loading can only be done at the loading table and NOT on the firing line.

Can I load magazines into my gun after I load them at the loading table?


Can I walk onto the range with my CCW Firearm loaded? 

Firearms must REMAIN EMPTY and HOLSTERED or EMPTY in a CARRYING CASE when not on the line.

If you come to the range with a firearm loaded, you must safely clear it facing the berm marked HOT ZONE/CLEARING STATION before entering the range AFTER YOU HAVE SIGNED IN.

Can I load my firearm before I leave the range? 

Yes.  We hope you do. If you wish to load your firearm before leaving the range, you may do so at the HOT ZONE on the way out BEFORE YOU SIGN OUT.


At NO time should anyone have a loaded firearm on their person on the range or in a range bag unless they are in the hot zone or on the firing line.

Anyone that does not follow the rules will be dismissed from the range and their access pass will be forfeited. That includes but is not limited to: Not following the firearm safety rules, any unsafe behavior or unsafe handling of their firearm, use of alcohol or drugs, unsportsmanlike conduct or an attitude that goes against promoting a safe and comfortable environment for all shooters. 

To qualify for a Range Access Pass at MTFI, you must have previously taken a CCW or basic pistol safety course from MTFI, are a current or former Law Enforcement Officer, or have honorably served in the military and can show proof of service.  Exceptions for a RAP may be approved only by Sal Navarro.

We hope you will enjoy the use of the Montana Tactical Firearms Range and that you will always be safe, responsible, and respectful of others, the property, and surroundings. 



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